How LED Bulbs will lighten your life and energy costs

Replacing incandescent bulbs with  LED bulbs at home will reduce the costs by 90% of the energy costs. They are made to last for 20000 to 25000 life spans. I bought 4.5 Watt – E27 LED Candle Shape Bulbs from LED Hut and will be gradually replacing all bulbs to LED to make my life better.. in terms of green impact.

The initial costs for the bulb is quite high but it should pay off in number of years of use. Check out this video on benefits of LED lighting that will help you decide on it. Save money and reduce your environmental impact by switching to LED lighting today

Please read the Energy Saving Guide for more information. Please post your comments below on whether you are using Led bulbs at home, work or on headlight of your Audi and how do they benefit you.