Have you ever asked in a boutique outlet what is the least expensive thing in your store

Have you walked into a boutique store and enquired what is the least expensive thing they sell ? It’s embarrassing… I have asked this question in Montblac outlet in Bicester Village and they were happy to search and show their stuff. They showed me montblanc individuel eau de toilette and a key chain. Small things do make a difference to your fashion list.

What prompted me to take such bold step ?

In my workplace, the lady director misplaced her pen and she was asking everyone whether they have seen her pen that she forgot on her table last night. It was a Montblanc pen and she wants someone to find it as it has a sentimental value. Everyone in the office came to know her missing possession as it was Montblanc.


I thought why not own a Montblanc even if it is very expensive !!!

People will treat you differently when you wear #RalphLauren

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