What’s on your mind ? Things you do for free on Social Media

When you apply for a job or business, you negotiate your pay to earn more. In social media, surprising you do things for free and feel happy about it. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is checking Facebook. The first question on the top of the page

What’s on your mind, Ms XX ?  You think hard to answer the question and also be creative and engaging. You want to impress friends and be infectious (aka viral). FB is buying your thoughts for free !!!

Likes and Hashtags: You become active sale rep for your own content. Reach out to friends, ask them to like your content and spread the word in their network. You add hashtags and invent new ones. All this you do for free. Chris Messina inventor of hashtags for twitter also did it for free.


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Reviews & Photos: You visit a restaurant or a hotel to enjoy a meal or stay. Being a social media addict the first instinct is to check-in.  If the business is not the Google or Facebook maps, you add it. Then take high resolution pictures of their restaurant and food for benefit of others. All for diddly squat (term for free).


Truly. Madly. Deliciously. launches September 1st! Follow us for restaurant reviews, recipes, wine recommendations, and lots of cooking, eating, drinking, and adventures in a very tiny kitchen! 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🍷 • • • • #food #foodstagram #foodblog #foodies #certifiedsommelier #cooking #dinnerparty #wine #winerecommendations #love #foodporn #beer #restaurantreviews #breweryreviews #wineryreviews #eating #tinykitchen #september #eat #juliachild

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Holidays and beaches: Many social media troopers go on a holiday and share their photos on Instagram. They are equipped with smart phones and GoPro camera . Their share their location and moments on Instagram for free.


Incredibly beautiful photo of a powerful Waterfall captured by @bottleofwinefortwo 🌊💫 Thanks to Instagram’s Explore page, we were able to find this super cool #travelcouple 👫 Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend and remember to Tag Us to be featured 🐾 #thetravellingmooseys

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Gender politics:  Gender politics gets lot of eye balls on social media and people get emotional when commenting on the subject. Science has already come up with explanation XX or XY as a state of describing people biologically. The social media minions come up with their logic of X=Y or X not equal to Y or X=0 / Y= 0 to engage in a hypothetical discussion. And if you are in, then you will be hooked on LinkedIn forever.

The social media platforms are interested in your contents, your likes, your hashtags, your network, your browsing habits and expects you to enjoy their platform for long hours … all for free. The harder you work will help them to recommend you “Promoted post”, “Suggested Post” or “Sponsored Post” to make dosh for them.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Appreciate your comments if I have missed out anything.

PS: The Instagram photos that are shared are not mine. They are taken from public profiles on Instagram.


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