Have you reviewed your facebook settings

Have you reviewed your facebook settings to check on which websites you have used your facebook id for single sign on ? You may have heard recent scandal on how your data can be used by companies like Cambridge Analytica for a targeted outcome.

How Single Sign it is helps the users:

86% of Users Report Being Bothered By Having To Create New Accounts On Websites: According to research compiled by WebHostingBuzz, requiring users to enter email addresses, names and other data – and remember yet another set of usernames and passwords – puts them off and you might actually be driving them to other sites that don’t insist on traditional registration alone. Even at checkout stage. Source: Conversion XL

Watching the planes
Data is goldmine in the digital age.

If you are lazy to input your own details to register on a website, then then companies will make money out of it.

The social network relies on its SSO (Single Sign-On) to follow the movement of users. SSO allows you to use your Facebook credentials on third-party websites and apps. When you do this, Facebook is watching, following, and cataloging your destination points. This data drives, to a degree, what ads turn up on your Facebook news feed. Maybe you’ve noticed. See article cookie is long dead, how facebook, google, apple track you.

How do I review my facebook settings:

The next time when you are asked to register on any website, don’t be lazy. It will take you two minutes to enter your data and no one will be tracking you. It is a better decision.