Have you ever asked in a boutique outlet what is the least expensive thing in your store

Michael Kors watch

Have you walked into a boutique store and enquired what is the least expensive thing they sell ? It’s embarrassing… I have asked this question in Montblac outlet in Bicester Village and they were happy to search and show their stuff. They showed me montblanc individuel eau de toilette and a key chain. Small things do make a difference to your fashion list.

What prompted me to take such bold step ?

In my workplace, the lady director misplaced her pen and she was asking everyone whether they have seen her pen that she forgot on her table last night. It was a Montblanc pen and she wants someone to find it as it has a sentimental value. Everyone in the office came to know her missing possession as it was Montblanc.


I thought why not own a Montblanc even if it is very expensive !!!

People will treat you differently when you wear #RalphLauren

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Why do we pay more for designer clothes

Designer brands charge premium. Some people question why do they charge more when they sell the same thing. Why does an Audi costs three times more than a reasonably priced car and people are happy to spend money to own it.

Or  you can ask yourself the same question, “How can I charge premium for my services or job and people are happy to pay you more and recommend ? “

In their interview, the designers Christian Louboutin and Polo Ralph Lauren explain their philosophy in life and how they incorporate it in designing their products. This is something we can take a cue from and apply it to improve our own life. I am sure you will enjoy their talk.

You have to set a vision on what you want to be. The content makes the difference which will set you apart from others. Pay attention to details which will help to gradually improve yourself.

E.g. Ask simple questions like ,”Is my wardrobe organised ? “Do I pick clothes that is in sight and go to work ?”. “If I want to make a presentation, do I make the fonts and alignment consistent ?”. Your attitude toward finer points will make a difference on how people perceive you.

The designers consider their work as a work of art. Their inspiration comes from what they see around. They try to connect the dots. It is about knowing what people want and exceeding their expectations. Christian Louboutin shoes starts from £ 300 and women are happy to pay. Design is most important thing. Ask yourself, can you provide something that exceeds expectations. The best pleasure is creativity and not accepting the ordinary. Consulting is an art of making your client what they want. Do people associate your name with quality ?

I had a colleague whose looks forward to Friday on a Monday and shows that her life is only made for the weekend. So technically she is living 3 days a week. Her Facebook update is a Mourning Monday … weekend gone too soon, Wednesday is waiting for weekend and then Friday the happiest day. It is very important to have work and life balance and enjoy your moment on your life on how it is meant to be. Ralph Lauren says, “this is not job … it is a joy.. it is that what I live.” The question you have to ask, “Do I enjoy what I am doing ?”.

Express yourself. When someone wears a designer clothes, people recognise it. The credit goes to the designer that their clothes stand out. If we can take inspirations from the successful designers, it will make a difference to our lives. Don’t you think.

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Would you like to wear Apple watch or Michael Kors ?

Michael Kors watch

Apple has entered into wearable technology devices and watch is the latest device to monitor every activity that you do. It tracks your daily activities like walking, heart rate and gives you detailed measurements of your workouts. The activities apps give you sense of achievement when you close your move, exercise and move rings.

It does lots of other things like paying for groceries, gives directions if you are lost somewhere. The watch is not for knowing the time of the day but keeping a watch on you !!!

The side effects of the Apple watch is when you meet with your friends and colleagues. You talk about what Apple watch does for you. You reveal your physical activities rather than what you want to goals in life that you want to accomplish. Basically you become salesperson for Apple than for yourself.

On the contrary what happens to you when you wear an expensive Michael Kors watches ? Michael Kors watches from Beaverbrooks website says

Designed to ensure your look will always turn heads, Michael Kors’ distinctive brand of retro chic is the thing to be seen in this season.  Taking a playful spin on classic, bracelet and boyfriend styles, his watches are the epitome of all-American sophistication and will guarantee you have 24/7 style.  Fusing luxurious finishes with on-trend materials, Michael Kors’ slick range of statement designs will let you show off your jet-set attitude.

When you check the time, you want other people to look at you. You want to treat yourself  with nice clothes, shoes and also get fit to wear designer products. You want a well toned body, so you workouts or play tennis without bothering on how much steps you did daily. Then you will also consider driving a Audi or a BMW to complete yourself.

To summarise, when you wear a Michael Kors watch, you aspire for a change in your lifestyle. There is a sense of positiveness in your attitude and confidence when you meet people. To afford expensive habits, you want to earn more.

Do you agree with me on Apple watch vs Michael Kors watch on how it affects your lifestyle. Please post your comments below.

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